Floaty Orange Love


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Hi there!

Here we go, number 2

Today was one of the first really sunny days, so I had to take out a few colourful pieces.

I espeacially love the skirt, as I always feel like life is a fairtale. The book is a compilations of the best love poems.

We shot the outfit in the city centre in front of the ‘Goethe Haus’, thinking it would be quiet and not too many people would be walking around.

Well, halfway through a group of Japanese tourists came by and started taking pictures of the ‘Goethe Haus’, but ended up taking pictures of us during the shooting.

You can not imagine how nervous we got! But we did it & had loads of fun. Therefore even my angry face isn’t that angry..


| Shirt, Skirt & Bag: Zara | Jacket: H&M | Shoes: Buffalo | Jewelry: Iam & Hallhuber |

3 thoughts on “Floaty Orange Love

    • Thanks a lot 🙂 I had a look at your photography, love it! And you could definitely rock a maxi skirt!!! Why don’t you go with a black semi-transparent one? that would look great on you, I think 🙂


      • Thanks for dropping by at my blog and thanks for the tip 😉 I just think I look pudgy in long skirts coz I am short but will definitely try you suggestion one of these days 😉


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